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I get to try out many health products as part of writing for, and one of the best products I have trialled is an anti cellulite cream called Procellix. This well established product had really positive reviews on Amazon and forums so I thought it was worth trying out for myself as a potential candidate for no. 1 cellulite product.

procellix reviewHow Does Procellix Work?

The product is more of a gel than a cream, which means it absorbs really quickly and isn’t sticky. This was useful for me because I didn’t have to wait for the cream to sink in before getting dressed when I was in a hurry.

It is simple to apply, just use like an ordinary cellulite cream by massaging into your thighs (or even stomach and upper arms) at least once a day.

So what makes it different from other anti cellulite creams? It’s inclusion of a very powerful ingredient called Aminophylline:

  • Aminophylline – Proven through clinical studies to break down fat after absorption by the body, some bodybuilders even use as “cutting gel” before a show to strip off fat. This product contains a relatively high concentration of Aminophylline at 2% , whilst remaining non irritating.
  • Caffeine – Probably the most common cellulite treating ingredient because it work so effectively to smooth the appearance of cellulite and tighten the skin.

Does Procellix Work?

It really made a difference to the back of my thighs and even my stomach was looking tighter and more toned. Before and after pictures will be taken when I finish the tube (which has lasted two months so far). In the meantime here are some positive testimonials of Procellix:

“I absolutely loved this product! I saw visible results within the first 3 days of use” – AnMorse,

“I’ve been using this cream for about three weeks and I can say It is works. Easy to apply and absorbs quickly” – Moonshine,

“Wow, i can’t believe this but i am only three days into using Procellix and i am already seeing results!!” – Jess

Where To Buy Procellix?

If you want to save money on procellix and buy from a trusted supplier, the best place to order is from the official Procellix website.

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