How To Remove Warts And Moles

wartsA mole, also known as “Melanocytic Nevus” is a little, congenital spot on the skin, often brown or black in colour. It is slightly elevated from the surface of the skin, and in some cases it can tend to acquire hair which can make it look ugly. It is often considered as a beauty spot by many, but it can really bother some people.

A Wart is acquired when the a specific virus called papoma virus comes in contact with the exposed body parts and can cause an infection. Usually, it is small in size and hard. This is also elevated on the skin.

Can they be prevented?

It is not possible to prevent moles and warts completely. But, we can always take some precautionary measures to minimize the risk of acquiring them.

Always be a little careful for the body parts which are exposed to the sun, such as the hands, arms, chest, neck, face, and ears. Wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid the development of new moles.

Warts are a little harder to avoid, but if you avoid skin on skin contact with other people who have certain types of warts you can avoid getting the virus that causes them.

How To Remove Them

What do you do if warts and moles appear? Most of the dermatologists say it is best to treat them as soon as they appear and they suggest it is better to do this at the comforts of your home. This is when Nevi-Skin will come to your rescue.

Nevi-Skin is an all natural wart and mole removal ointment that works in one application to achieve complete removal of these skin issues.

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