Accutane Risks and Side Effects

accutane side effectsAccutane is a prescription drug used only to treat severe cases of acne. That is acne that is causing nodules and cysts to appear. All spots are caused by oil blocking pores and leading to skin lesions called pimples. If these pimples last for a very long time and become hard they are called nodules. Large, lumpy pus filled acne lesions are known as cysts.

While cysts can be drained by a doctor for relief, Accutane is often prescribed to treat cysts from the inside out.

Sounds good so far, but Accutane is renowned for having very serious side effects that can be worse to deal with than having acne. Before you can be given it, your doctor has you sign a waiver to state you are aware of these side effects and accept the risks. You can only get Accutane if you agree to sign this.

Side Effects of Accutane

Accutane has an effect on reproductive processes which can lead to birth defects in children, or miscarriages. Still and premature births have been linked to Accutane use. Because of this risk, you cannot be prescribed Accutane if you are pregnant or are trying to conceive. Additionally. a doctor will probably want you to use hormonal birth control if you are a woman who wants to use Accutane.

As well as physical side effects, there are psychological effects. Depression and anxiety have both been demonstrated to have a strong link to Accutane usage, with sadly many cases of suicide being linked to use of this medicine. Other mental side effects include social withdrawal, anger and irritability.

Then there are the visible side effects. Some people think the risks of Accutane are worth it if the end result is clear skin. But what the don’t realize is that many people who use Accutane are left with cracked, bleeding skin that looks worse than before treatment. It does not clear up everyone’s skin.

Accutane Alternative

There are alternative to Accutane that are just as effective, but do not come with the dangerous side effects. These natural alternatives are well worth trying before you resort to using Accutane.

For example, you should look into choosing an all in one anti acne skincare system like our top rated kit, ClearPores. With all natural ingredients, you won’t be left with damaged,dry skin. There is absolutely no chance of birth defects or psychological damage unlike with Accutane. Instead you will have a safe and proven acne treatment that has really worked for thousands of acne sufferers worldwide and could work for you

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