Acne Severity – How do I Know If My Acne is Mild, Moderate, or Severe?

acneThere are three main types of acne graded along an acne severity scale from mild to moderate to severe. Most of us have a milder form of acne, but for the unlucky few severe acne can take a hold of your skin.

Knowing which type of acne you have can go some way towards helping you to treat it properly. People with severe forms of acne may wish to visit a professional dermatologist or esthetician in order to better treat the issue.

Mild acne usually forms black and whiteheads as a result of blocked pores caused by excess oil and dead skin cells. In a whitehead, the pore is totally blocked by sebum and skin cells. Blackheads aren’t fully blocked pores, so you can see the dirt and oil peeking out in a black or brown head.

Moderate acne usually forms pustules and papules. A pustule is recognized by its white head that could be squeezed, but we do not recommend this at all. A papule, or spot, is red with inflammation. If you do not treat moderate acne it could lead to severe acne.

Severe acne is characterized by nodules and cysts. These exist deep within the skin making them much harder to cure. They are made up of the same oil and dead skin cells as less severe acne but have loads of bacteria within them. You definitely must not squeeze these as this can only force the bacteria deeper. Severe types of acne can cause scarring.

How to treat mild to severe acne

Treating the three types of acne is actually achieved in the same way, with a few key differences.

A good start is getting the basics right. Try to eat a healthier, more balanced diet with fewer sweeteners and sugar for a start.

If nothing seems to be working, going to visit a dermatologist or esthetician is an option as they are experts in disorders of the skin.

However, many people decide to follow a more natural route that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals such as Isotretinoin that dermatologists tend to prescribe, which can often make your skin look worse than before treatment and have harmful side effects.

Everyone with acne should have their skincare routine sorted to be in the best chance of beating it. Consider choosing an all in one skincare system specifically designed to treat all types of acne, no matter how severe.

The essentials to look out for are a good deep cleanser or face wash, and an oil balancing moisturizer. A supplement would be a great way to treat acne internally as well as externally with the creams.

Best Natural Acne Treatment

Our top-rated anti-acne treatment is an all in one kit called ClearPores. This blends all-natural ingredients into proven acne-fighting products that complement each other. It includes a capsule that treats the internal causes of acne.

They sell an all in one kit for face and body, or you can buy these separately depending on what your problem areas are.

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