Best Natural Alternative To Accutane For Treating Acne

It’s easy to pop a pill if you have a health problem, but just because a treatment is prescribed, it doesn’t mean it works or is safe. The health industry conditions us to believe synthetic chemicals are the best treatment for most ailments, including acne because the pharmaceutical giants make money from these chemical cures.

accutane for acneAccutane is one of these chemicals, said to cure acne for good. And while it does work for many women with severe cases of acne, it comes with many risks.

Are they really worth going through?

Some of these risks include dry skin, severe depression, and suicide. Usually, women who have a history of depression are simply not offered Accutane because it is so dangerous in this respect.

Some women aren’t offered it because their acne isn’t deemed severe enough. And for those who are eligible, it doesn’t always work after you have put up with all the side effects.

So is there a better, more natural alternative to Accutane? What should you look for in a natural Accutane alternative?

  1. Focus your search down to one brand of acne-fighting products. Trying all sorts of products from several different brands is a way to irritate your skin and cause even more spots.
  2. Your acne alternative needs to work and needs to prove that it works. There is no point in trying loads of different treatments that don’t actually work and leave your skin more irritated than when you started.
  3. Look for something gentle that doesn’t dry out your skin so much that it produces more oil to counteract the dryness. If your skin produces more oil, you will get more blocked pores and thus more acne.
  4. Look for products that contain natural ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial that removes bacteria from within the pores to stop acne occurring. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that removes the dead skin cells clogging up your pores to unblock them and prevent acne outbreaks.

Best Accutane Alternative

We looked at so many different acne treatment products and kits all claiming to get the same effects of Accutane, but only one made the grade. That was the ClearPores kit designed for both facial and body acne (you can choose to buy the treatment for body acne or leave it if you don’t have this issue).

It was used by a woman called Jennifer from the USA who submitted her testimonials stating that she had tried Accutane but it had left her skin so dry, cracked, and bleeding that it actually looked worse!

So she used the ClearPores kit on her back and face and within two weeks her back was clearing up. Eventually, she achieved fully clear skin using nothing else but this all in one acne kit. This kit is full of nourishing, all-natural spot fighting ingredients that don’t dry out or damage skin like Accutane can.

To find out more about successfully treating your acne without the risks, side effects, and costs of Accutane:

Click here for my full ClearPores review

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