Does Zinc Work For Acne? – Vitamins for Acne Reduction

zinc pillsAcne can affect anyone, no matter what gender or age, and can affect numerous parts of the body or face. Usually, it strikes between the ages of 12 and 24 but people older than this can have adult acne too.

Scientists have looked into claims that one particular vitamin can clear up acne, but the results of studies show there is no magic pill. They did find that skin cells react well to good diet and hygiene, which seems common sense to me.

Using multiple vitamins can help improve the condition of the skin in people who have a diet that is lacking in these vitamins and minerals.

One mineral that has proven itself to be a good acne treatment is Zinc (¹,²,³). Zinc does a number of things in the body, from helping skin cell creation to healing wounds and treating acne.

Studies have proven that zinc helps to regulate insulin levels and DNA replication. To put it simply, zinc plays a role in most important bodily functions.

Using Zinc To Treat Acne

Zinc works for acne because it helps to lower oil creation inside the skin. It acts in a similar way to the antibiotic tetracycline, which also regulates oil production.

You can take zinc in a few different forms. There are oral zinc treatments in the form of zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate. Another form is a small tablet called zinc picolinate which combines natural salt with zinc. Of course, you can always boost your zinc levels by getting more in your diet by means of white meat, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Clinical proof that zinc works for reducing acne is not readily available but there are a few studies into the use of zinc for acne. They conclude that zinc has a minor effect on improving acne lesions. That said, zinc is relatively safe and side effect free compared to medical acne treatments like Accutane so there is little danger in trying it.

It is important not to take a copper supplement with zinc because it stops it working, and you should not take more than 40mg a day. In other words you shouldn’t “megadose” zinc to get better results, as this can cause unwanted side effects. Just 8mg is the recommended dose for women over 18.

The optimum time to see results on acne from daily zinc supplementation is three months.

Is There a Better Option

One better option, or one that you can use in combination with acne treatment with zinc, is using an anti-acne skincare kit such as ClearPores.

It is an all-natural kit that works on sebum and PH levels to balance oil production that leads to clogged pores. It clears out your pores on your body and face and reduces inflammation in existing spots.

Basically, it is an all in one acne-fighting system that is both gentle and effective which makes it my top-rated anti-acne treatment kit.

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