Tazorac for Acne Review

acne creamAcne can be hard to live with, both for it’s physical and mental effects. It’s not just teenagers that suffer from acne, many adults get it too. And just as it effects many different types of people, there are many different types of treatment including Tazorac.

Also known as Tazorotene, Tazorac is a retinoid gel that is smoothed over active acne. It’s key ingredient is in the family of vitamin A derivatives┬áthat includes Retin-A.

How Does Tazorac Work?

Tazorac aims to clear up acne by boosting the growth of new skin cells and shedding of old ones. This has the effect of clearing up blackheads and whiteheads. By getting rid of old skin cells, Tazorac can unblock pores that were full of acne bacteria and oily matter. By aiding the creation of new skin cells, Tazorac helps to replace acne ridden skin with fresh, healthy and clear skin.

This gel works in a slightly different way to other topical retinoids, because it is known as a prodrug. A prodrug is inactive when it is in the tube, but when it is absorbed through the skin it becomes active and gets to work.

sun hatTazorac Side Effects

There are problems associated with this topical acne medication, and these include taking precautions in direct sunlight such as wearing a factor 15 sunscreen and covering up because the gel makes your skin highly sensitive to sunlight.

Allergan, the manufacturers of Tazorac, also say that you should stop using it completely if you get sunburnt or develop dry skin conditions. Other side effects include skin peeling,extremely dry flaky skin and itching.

You should not use tazorac if you are pregnant or are trying to conceive because it is a high risk medication for the developing foetus.

Does Tazorac Work?

It doesn’t work for everyone, but those who do see results usually see them after a month. You may notice your skin gets worse before it improves on this medication, but usually people who keep using Tazorac for 3 months will see some acne clearing results.

For some people, it clears up acne completely. Others find their skin becomes more oily. It is all a matter of how your skin reacts to the medication. Some users have reported an improvement in acne scarring when using Tazorac too.

Should You Use Tazorac?

Tazorac is an effective acne treatment, but it comes with some risks and side effects that are not to be taken lightly.

There are definitely over the counter treatments for acne that you can try before using such a harsh topical medication.

Best Tazorac alternative

If you want an acne treatment that really works without side effects, you would do well to consider the ClearPores acne clearing kit. Designed to treat facial and body acne, this kit contains all natural yet powerful ingredients that work in harmony to lower sebum production, balance skin PH, clear pores and reduce inflammation.

All of these things lead to clearer skin within a matter of months.

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