Are Cellulite Creams a Scam or a Legit Treatment Solution?

There are loads of different anti-cellulite creams, pills, and devices on the market. How can you be sure that the product you choose isn’t a scam? I aim to answer that question using my top-rated cellulite cream as a case study.

Before I decided to review Life’s Butter cellulite cream I was wondering if it was just a scam. After all, I have tried loads of cellulite creams in the past and most were no better than expensive moisturizers.

Many of us have stubborn patches of cellulite on the back and side of our thighs and we think they will never go away. With Life’s Butter, they will definitely shift and you feel confident enough to bare your legs in short dresses again.

I can confidently say that if you dread putting on a bathing suit because your thighs will be on show then you won’t any more thanks to Life’s Butter, my top-rated anti-cellulite cream.

Is Life’s Butter Cellulite Cream a Scam?

In my opinion, the answer to “Is Life’s Butter a scam?” is a confident No. The company ships quickly, the product works and there is no scam re-billing like you get with other companies. You can buy one tube or many and not have to worry about dodgy charges appearing on your credit card bill.

Some unscrupulous sellers of cellulite products offer “free trials” where you are charged a huge amount at the end of the trial period without realizing it. They also make it almost impossible to cancel. There are no free trials or scams with Life’s Butter.

Beware of Fakes

is procellix a scamTo avoid being scammed by fake cellulite cream be sure to buy directly from the official site. Some people on Amazon and eBay have expressed concern that they thought the tube they received wasn’t genuine. Or they received a tube that had dried up because it had been lying in Amazon’s warehouse for too long.

When you buy direct from the official retailer or manufacturer you can be sure you are getting the real deal and a fresh tube of Life’s Butter.


Another reason I know Life’s Butter isn’t a scam is because their website has proof in the form of customer testimonials that are just amazing! It really helps to look at customer’s results instead of just reading a long list of benefits.


Many competing cellulite creams have a long list of obscure ingredients or fancy scientific-sounding names for ingredients that are actually pretty basic. With Life’s Butter, they publish their list of exact ingredients right there on the product page and describe exactly why each is chosen.

Customer Service

Proof that the company behind the official website is to be trusted comes in the form of excellent customer service. They have a “Contact Us” section of their website so you can get quick answers to your questions via email or social media.

They also have a telephone number, or email support if you live outside the USA where Life’s Butter is manufactured. Many companies hide contact details but the manufacturer of this product is open with theirs.

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