DIY Cellulite Wraps Review: Do Home Body Wraps Work for Cellulite?

Both DIY cellulite wraps and home body wraps have been growing in popularity recently. The use of these products is known as body wrapping and the goal is to remove any extra inches from your body from your legs, waist, hips or other parts that you may feel are just too big.

You can buy body wrapping kits that contain all sorts of ingredients you apply to the body before wrapping with a bandage-like material. They range in price from very cheap to very expensive depending on the brand and what’s in the kit.

You can also do a DIY cellulite wrap to save some money. There are recipes for what to put in the wrap cream available on the internet. For example, use seaweed powder mixed with olive oil to draw out water and help with inch loss.

How Do Cellulite Wraps Work?

The process is simple and works almost like magic.

The wraps are placed around the body, usually with “fat-melting” creams applied first to give it a more powerful effect. The wraps make the body part look smaller almost instantly and the cream helps to reduce inches at the same time.

DIY wraps involve mixing the cream you will apply and wrapping (usually with firm bandages). Beware that both DIY and store-bought wraps can be messy to use.

Home Cellulite Wrap Results

diy cellulite wrapsPeople who use home body wraps claim they have lost several inches, instead of pounds, after using the wraps for an hour at least. Some people also say that the wraps are ideal for cellulite as this is caused by fat tissue combined with water.

Anyone who has extra pounds to lose would love to think that there are products on the market that can remove the unwanted extra fat while they are lying in bed with a body wrap on.

If they don’t want to rely on just exercise and diet, all they have to do is to use the wraps with an appropriate cream and they can lose inches, giving the appearance of fat loss.

Should I Buy A Home Cellulite Wrap Kit?

While anti-cellulite wraps are a relatively new product, cellulite wraps have been around for enough time to be in the mainstream. And have proven themselves to work.

When you combine them with a more established anti-cellulite cream like Life’s Butter you have a great inch loss treatment.

Some doctors also agree that such a method really works but there is another thing to bear in mind. It is because of perspiration that most weight is lost and thus you will see the loss of water weight mainly instead of fat loss.

So is a body wrap kit worth buying? Yes if you want to see short term inch loss, but if you want more results you should combine them with other fat loss and cellulite removal products.

If you combine a body wrap with the Life’s Butter cellulite cream, you can see an overall reduction in fat and cellulite. For more information:

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