Does Lipo Dissolve Work for Cellulite?

New cellulite treatments are released all the time but people are tempted to stick to what they know, although even plastic surgeons now advise against getting traditional liposuction to remove cellulite because it can cause uneven skin texture and even make cellulite look worse.

A recent semi-surgical treatment for cellulite is called Lipo Dissolve and in this article we are going to investigate whether Lipo Dissolve is a good cellulite removal treatment.

What is Lipo Dissolve?

Lipo Dissolve is a semi-surgical fat removal treatment that involves many small injections of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate (PCDC) being injected deep under the skin into the layer of fat. Tiny needles are used over the area where fat reduction is desired.lipodissolve needle

The idea is that the “dissolved” fat is filtered by the liver and kidneys so it can be passed out of the body naturally. People who get this treatment are advised to exercise moderately afterwards to encourage this process of excretion to occur.

Because cellulite is caused by fat bulging through skin structures, Lipo Dissolve is used as a cellulite treatment to break down the bulging fat and therefore makes the texture of cellulite improve.

This procedure is carried out without an anaesthetic because it doesn’t cause much pain, although people who get this treatment say they feel some pain at the injection sites even when topical anesthetic is used. General anesthetic is not used for this procedure.

Does Lipo Dissolve Work?

While this procedure works for some, the jury is still out as to whether Lipo Dissolve actually destroys fat cells or if it just reduces them. If it just reduces the size of fat cells then you could gain the fat back if you gain weight.

There are side effects associated with this procedure, from skin infections to permanent scarring at the injection sites. Some people were found to develop painful knots under their skin that were unsightly and made skin look uneven and lumpy. Hardly an ideal situation if you got the procedure to make cellulite look better.

Lipo Dissolve is quite costly because you have to go for a course of treatments to see any real effects. The cost can run into many thousands of pounds, comparable with traditional liposuction, but much less effective for removing fat (although we have already explained why lipo is not a good option for cellulite removal).

There are much cheaper options, including cellulite creams. Cellulite creams have come a long way recently, and there is one cellulite cream than contains an ingredient that is known to pass through the skin to break down fat cells just like Lipo Dissolve but without the risks of injection.

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