How To Reduce Cellulite Naturally – Exercise and Cellulite Creams

The truth of the matter is that cellulite makes us feel that our legs look ugly and unhealthy and make us want to cover them up. But fortunately there are natural treatments for cellulite that women like you can use to fight it and get rid of it once for all.

Cellulite is a very common condition and it affects 90% of all women especially overweight people because it needs fat to form. After reading this article and following the simple tips I will show you, cellulite will have a hard time staying around on your legs.

Here are some tips on how you can reduce cellulite naturally and get toned legs you can be proud to show off.

  • Exercise

exercise for celluliteGetting rid of fat and using more calories every day is the first step to get rid of cellulite. The best exercises to get rid of cellulite are the cardio exercises that burn the most calories per hour. Running and cycling are the two best cardio exercise. You should be able to exercise for at least one hour per day at 70% of your maximum heart rate for the fastest fat burn.

Without the extra fat the body will not produce the same amount of cellulite and because the cardiovascular system is improved, cellulite will have an even harder time sticking around as a poor and damaged cardiovascular system enhances the formation of cellulite.

  • Anti Cellulite Food

What you eat can help or hinder the formation of cellulite in your legs. Avoid at all costs foods which are rich in calories, especially fat. Eat vegetables and take supplements with Vitamin C and E to give the body a better chance to fight and remove cellulite. These vitamins will improve blood vessels and keep the legs fresh and blood circulation flowing.

  • Anti Cellulite Drinks

Green tea is the perfect drink to drink every day to help the body metabolize fat easier and burn extra calories. Also drink plenty of water as lots of cellulite’s appearance is basically fluid retention which you can only beat by drinking more water.

When you are dehydrated, you may notice that your cellulite looks worse. So as well as beating fluid retention, drinking plenty of water ensures your skin cells are kept looking plump and fresh, masking the appearance of cellulite.

  • Massage and Dry Body Brushing

You can improve the appearance of dimpled skin and lack of firmness if you regularly massage or use a dry body brush on your cellulite. If you are treating your thighs then massage upwards, towards your heart. This will improve circulation to the area and allow more blood flow.

  • Cellulite Creams

Anti-cellulite creams will help the body to destroy cellulite as they usually contain caffeine and other ingredients that help burn up the fat and by making skin firmer and healthier.

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