How to Reduce Cellulite Naturally Without Expensive Products

reduce celluliteCellulite is a problem that affects most women and could be found on your legs, arms, and stomach. The main cause of cellulite is collagen depletion causing fat to bulge through and cause an “orange peel” look.

Collagen is depleted as we age, and factors like weight and hormones also affect cellulite.

Do you really need to get liposuction to get rid of cellulite? Of course not. Then again you don’t need to take drugs or use expensive creams and other products in order to get rid of it either.

Just follow these simple steps to reduce cellulite naturally.


This is a common-sense step but is important. Eat a more balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Make food swaps like switching white rice for brown rice and using wholegrain products.

Wholegrains aid digestion because they are so fiber-rich. Better digestion means a better chance that toxins can pass out of the body without building up and making cellulite look worse.

One good food to eat is oily fish because they contain fatty acids that can repair the structures that stop fat cells from bulging through and causing cellulite.

Fluid retention is the enemy of smooth thighs so drink lots of pure water throughout the day, every day. This will flush out extra fluid accumulation.

Get plenty of exercise

Squeeze more activities into your day-to-day routine such as taking the stairs and walking to work. This will help to strip fat off your body and improve cellulite.

When working out in the gym do not use heavy weights as they can cause micro-tears in muscles and deplete collagen.

Light weights are just as effective for toning up and losing weight. You might have to do more reps to account for the difference.

Try an anti-cellulite massage

Break up deposits of fat by getting a professional cellulite massage to increase blood flow to affected areas and reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

The least costly thing you can do is an at-home self-massage using a good anti-cellulite cream. Knead your thighs and affected areas in circular motions while applying the cream to get the best results.

Or you could pay for a cellulite massage from a professional masseuse. This treatment is great as a treat to yourself but can be expensive when the cost of repeated treatments adds up.

Try dry brushing

Dry brushing with a hand-held specially designed anti-cellulite body brush is a great way of naturally improving cellulite. It gently exfoliates the skin to make it appear healthier and more toned.

While at the same time it encourages a boost in circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

A good body brush should cost between $15-$25 and can be reused many times making it a fairly inexpensive treatment.

Use a natural anti-cellulite cream

Our top-rated anti-cellulite product is called Life’s Butter, a natural anti-cellulite cream that is perfect for combining with dry brushing or self cellulite massage for maximum results.

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