The Best Anti Cellulite Foods

Almost all women are affected by cellulite, with estimates reaching 90% of women being affected at some point during their lives. There are expensive treatments for all budgets but these treatments alone will not cause any miracle, unless the woman also eats well and healthily and makes sure she gets the right nutrients to help her body to fight cellulite naturally. Some of the best anti cellulite foods are things you can find in your store cupboard that are easy to include in your diet.

Here are four things you should make sure you are getting in your food in order to get rid of cellulite.

1. Anti-Oxidants

Free radicals damage the body and anti-oxidants do a perfect job at fighting them.  Cellulite is also caused by lack of blood circulation and free radicals damage blood vessels, therefore anti-oxidants are a must in your diet to reduce cellulite.

The best foods with anti-oxidants are vegetables like berries and tomatoes. Pineapples and papayas also contain cellulite-fighting enzymes which help the body even better to fight cellulite naturally.

2. Supplements

Vitamin E, Vitamin C and G are also important to fight cellulite. They help to destroy tissues that cause cellulite. There is no food containing Glucosamine so you will need to buy a supplement that contains it. Vitamin C and Vitamin E help circulation so they are perfect to help the body to get rid of cellulite.

cinnamon for cellulite3. Cinnamon

It is believed that Cinnamon helps the circulatory system, which is ideal as one of the responsible factors for the appearance of cellulite is poor circulation.

4. Green tea

Green tea is a very powerful anti-cellulite drink and should be consumed daily but in moderation. One cup of green tea is enough to improve cellulite modestly as it releases adrenaline in the body and helps to burn calories and fat and destroys toxins that cause cellulite, slowing down the process of new cellulite creation.

If you get plenty of the above in your diet then cellulite will now have a very tough time at staying in your body. If you combine a good diet with exercise and a topical treatment like Procellix you can say good bye to cellulite quickly and naturally without resorting to expensive and painful surgery.

Procellix is a powerful cellulite treatment product that contains a premium ingredient that has been said to reduce the size of fat cells, thus making the appearance of cellulite improve dramatically.

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