What Causes Leg Cellulite

orange peel celluliteWe are all familiar with the “orange peel” look that cellulite gives our upper thighs. It is caused by fat squeezing through skin structures. Unfortunately, as women we are more likely to get it than men.

There are three grades of cellulite and it can be categorized as follows:

  1. Grade 1 can only be seen with a microscope that shows damage to skin cells
  2. Grade 2 is visible by the naked eye, but only just and is characterized by low elasticity of skin.
  3. Grade 3 is the highly visible orange peel skin we are all too familiar with

What causes the skin on your thighs to show cellulite, particularly grade 3 cellulite?

What causes cellulite?

The debate is still ongoing about what causes cellulite on legs, but scientist have a few theories that seem sensible. These include:

  • Hormones. Particularly the female hormones Prolactin and Estrogen, these are thought to change patterns of fat storage and affect elasticity of thigh skin structures.
  • Genetics. It is theorized that the way you store fat on your thighs is information that is passed through your family via your genes.
  • Diet. If you lose weight you may find your skin loses elasticity and cellulite shows up worse than when you weighed more. A high fat diet is said to contribute to cellulite too.
  • Lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle, such as working in a  job where you sit down for most of the day, is bad for cellulite. So is smoking.
  • Clothing. If you wear clothing that is too tight you can stem blood flow and make cellulite worse.

How to Cure Leg  Cellulite

If you reverse the things that cause leg cellulite, such as eating a lower fat diet, wearing looser clothes and walking more, you could see an improvement in your cellulite.

Another great way to reduce cellulite is through daily massage of the affected area alongside use of an anti cellulite gel or cream such as our top rated anti cellulite product Procellix.

Procellix contains a unique ingredient that body builders have used as a cutting aid because it absorbs through the skin and actually helps to break up fat stores. Not many cellulite creams can claim that!

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