Can Hair Loss Be Inherited?

hair loss geneticsYou may have looked at your parents who have lost their hair prematurely and wondered if you were going to suffer from the same issue. You could be right, scientist have shown that hair loss is one of the genetic factors passed down from one generation to another, although it is more likely for mothers to pass down their hair loss genes to sons.

This may make you despair and think hair loss is an inevitability you will just have to put up with. There are ways to stop hair loss even if it is in your genes. This is because there are loads of factors that contribute to hair loss.

Mainly, hair loss is caused by high levels of DHT existing in your body and particularly in the scalp. Even though DHT is made through the meeting of certain male hormones with enzymes, DHT does build up in some women.

DHT is the enemy of hair follicles, because it reduces their blood supply to the point where producing new hair becomes impossible.Other hair loss factors include poor circulation and lace of nutrients.

There are lots of hair regrowth products to choose from, though some just aren’t very good at reversing the balding process.

Our top rated hair regrowth product is a Norwegian formula called Har Vokse and is specifically designed to tackle the problems that cause hair loss such as high DHT levels,poor levels of nutrients and low blood supply.

It really is the best product money can buy if you are suffering from hair loss or if your hair just isn’t growing back.

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