Does Laser Hair Growth Treatment Work?

Many women suffer from hair loss and the problems like low self-esteem that it can lead to. Hair loss has many causes such as medications,stress and genes.

There are lots of ways to stop hair loss and cause hair to regrow. One high-profile hair loss treatment is the surgical hair transplant, which many celebrities have had. The problem with this solution is that it is both expensive and painful, and after all of the pain and expense it doesn’t always work.

laser hair loss treatmentLaser hair growth

Another medical hair growth option is laser hair loss treatment which is carried out in one of a few medical settings. You may be familiar with laser treatment for tattoos and acne scars, but specific kinds of lasers can also be used to encourage hair growth.

Private hair growth clinics have been appearing recently offering laser hair growth treatments and making all kinds of promises about giving you a healthy, thick head of hair.

Although you can get this procedure even when almost entirely bald, it isn’t very effective at this late stage and works much better the earlier you get it done.

What happens?

A laser is directed onto your damaged and ineffective  hair follicles to encourage blood flow to increase. The reason for this is that the higher your blood flow is at follicles, the healthier the hair roots will be. Only healthy hair roots can grow hair.

Problems with laser hair growth procedures

To see any real hair growth you will need a block of treatments, and will have to wait three months after the treatment block has ended to see if the treatment has had any hair growth effects.

The fact that you need to keep going back for more treatments makes it an expensive option, almost on par with a hair transplant.There is also the risk that you could permanently damage your scalps follicles, meaning you will never be able to grow hair there again.

There are side effect free and cheap options for getting your hair back that don’t run the same risks as laser hair growth treatments.

Alternatives to laser hair growth

An all natural, highly effective alternative to laser hair growth is Har Vokse. This norwegian formula has went through thorough scientific testing to prove that it really works for preventing hair loss and causing  hair regrowth and results can be seen in just a few weeks.

It contains carefully chosen all natural ingredients to make follicles healthier,  cause the growth of new hairs and increase blood flow to the roots just like laser treatment does but without the pain and expense.

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