Best Permanent Hair Removal Products

Creams, waving, shaving and even lasers. There are loads of ways of getting rid of unwanted hair and it can be hard to know which method to choose. On our website we recommend the top products for solving female health issues based on strict criteria. We wanted to find you a hair growth inhibiting product that you can use at home that is:

  • Permanent – Who wants to be going for monthly permanent waxing sessions when the hair just grows back?
  • Pain free – You want to avoid shaving nicks and painful reactions to depilatory cream
  • Safe to use – Not filled with harsh chemicals that can cause burns and welts
  • Inexpensive – Unlike laser hair removal which is very pricey

Hair Removal Creams

hair free legs

We looked at hair removal creams, which most of us have used at some point. They are generally cheap to buy and are quite effective at removing some types of hair but the hair will grow back, sometimes quickly. Also, a lot of women have complained of itching and burning at the site of cream application. In extreme cases women have needed hospital treatment due to severe burns on the skin!

Home Waxing Kits

With creams crossed off the list we next looked at home wax kits. They are typically designed for areas like legs and are effective at removing hair, you might even notice that each time that you wax, the hair grows back a little bit finer.The downside of course is the severe pain most women experience when waxing.

The fact that waxing causes a very gradual reduction in hair regrowth inspired us to look at hair growth inhibitors to see if there was a way to get even faster reduction results.

Hair Growth Inhibitor Sprays

Finally we found the perfect product that meets all four criteria:

  • Permanent – After just two weeks hair growth stops forever and if it doesn’t then you can safely use it for a week or two extra until it does.
  • Painless – Simply spray on after hair removal for a pain free hair growth inhibitory effect
  • Safety – It has 100% natural and organic ingredients which are extremely unlikely to cause irritation
  • Inexpensive – Very affordable, especially when compared to lifetime long waxing or depilatory cream use

The product is called Ultra Hair Away and although it isn’t actually a hair “removal” product in that it won’t remove hair immediately (you shave before use to present a clean, absorbent surface) in as little as two weeks of use you could have stopped hair growth completely. Most women see growth stop after two weeks but for some, particularly those with coarser hair, it may take a week or two more.

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