Hair Growth Inhibitors – How Do They Work?

From waxing to electrolysis to threading to shaving and plucking, women have been determined to remove unsightly hair from various areas of their bodies. The last thing we want is to be 50 years old and shaving our chin hairs. No matter what method we use, it just keeps growing back and usually worse than ever. Now hair growth inhibitors hit the market and everyone wonders, will it work for me?

What is a hair growth inhibitor?

body hairIn general, it is a topical treatment used in conjunction with laser hair removal or waxing to slow or inhibit the regrowth of new hair. It does not remove the hair, you must remove it before applying the inhibitor. It can come in the form of creams, sprays, gels, foams, or lotions. Some inhibitors have strong chemicals and some are made with natural ingredients. The best part is that you can use any of them in the privacy of your home.

Hair growth inhibitors are not hard to use. Just a few steps and you are out the door. The first step requires the use of depilatories, waxing, or laser treatments. These work best because it completely removes the hair and roots. The inhibitors must be applied right after hair removal to work faster. To avoid any other reactions, it’s wise not to apply any other ointments or creams to the treated areas.

Do Inhibitors Work?

People are usually quick to say hair growth inhibitors do not work when, actually, they just do not fully understand how they work. Hair growth inhibitors work by making coarse hair finer and finer until it is barely noticeable or even gone completely. It is not an overnight process. But they all require continuous use, sometimes taking a month or so, before any noticeable changes are seen.

In the Wall Street journal, dermatologists were asked if hair growth inhibitors work to which they responded that some do actually work. These same doctors also advised against buying products from sites that did not list the active ingredient in their products. This makes sense considering some do have side effects.

That brings us to next subject: Price.

How much do Hair Inhibitors cost?

Price is always a determining factor in anything we buy, especially if it means a long-term buying process. Prices vary with different products. Remember though, cheaper is not necessarily better. Do your homework and check the reviews first of any product you are considering to purchase.

What is the best hair growth inhibitor?

Personally, I like the Ultra Hair Away products. The part that appealed to me was the use of natural herbs and vitamins in the ingredients. Like many women, I have very sensitive skin. For some other inhibitors, you have to be careful when using some depilatories with the inhibitors because of possible side effects. Ultra Hair Away has no side effects because it is all natural. The reviews for it on Amazon are pretty good, too.

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