Skin Lightening Surgery: Cost and Side Effects

Many women are looking for the answer to the question: How do I lighten my skin permanently? You may be one of them. Skin lightening surgery is one option for lightening your natural skin tone. I will look at the cost and side effects of this surgery.

The types of surgery I refer to in this article are cryosurgery or laser skin lightening surgery. Both methods aim to give permanent lightening results of up to 3 shades in one session but multiple sessions may be required. It all depends on how light you want to go and whether the results you want are achievable.

What Does Skin Lightening Surgery Cost?

skin lightening surgery costBoth types of surgery start around $500 to lighten a localized area of skin such as armpits or birthmarks. If you want full body lightening results, expect to pay upwards of $3,000.

The prices differ from country to country and between doctors. They will also differ based on how many treatments it will take to successfully lighten the affected area to your requirements.

Compared to other methods of getting lighter skin, from using home remedies to buying a skin lightening treatment , surgery is extremely expensive but for permanent lightening results, some women feel it is worth it.

What Are The Side Effects of Skin Lightening Surgery?

There are many things that can go wrong with both laser skin lightening and cryosurgery including:

  • Skin Darkening – Instead of getting the lighter skin you want, hyperpigmentation can happen which is when there are lots of your skins pigment creating enzymes. The result is patchy, darker skin. This most typically occurs with laser skin whitening procedures.
  • Scarring and Scabbing – Hopefully any scabbing will be temporary after these surgical procedures, but some women are left with permanent scarring after skin lightening treatments. This is why your dermatologist or doctor will try the treatment on one area before carrying out the surgery on other areas in a separate appointment once you have healed.
  • Acne Breakouts – There will be heavy after-care creams and products you will need to use after surgery. These tend to be quite heavy and can cause an acne breakout or flare up even in people who haven’t had acne before the treatment.
  • Skin Infections – Serious and even life threatening skin infections can occur with both lasers and cryosurgery. This is because the surface of the skin is broken during the procedure allowing bacteria to enter your body. Hopefully any infection could be treated with antibiotics.

Is There a Better and Cheaper Alternative to Skin Lightening Surgery?

Yes! You may have dismissed skin lightening creams as being ineffective. Maybe you have tried some of these products in the past and they haven’t worked.

There is an entirely new product on the market which is a 3 step skin lightening system. It consists of a day cream, a night cream and a face wash and it is called Zeta White. It is entirely natural which is a first in a world where harsh skin bleaches are often used.

When used regularly for a few weeks, you will start seeing real skin lightening results. After a few months you will have significantly lightened your skin. It really works and it is so easy to use.

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