Glowup Custom Teeth Whitening Gel – Not Just For Sensitive Teeth

If coffee is your vice then you’ll know all about the tooth staining that goes with it. Wine, some types of food, and smoking are other factors for causing stained teeth. You may even have tried at-home teeth whitening gels and kits before to try and brighten stains. Most of them claim to work but just leave you with sensitive teeth that are the same shade as before you used the kit.

When selecting the best teeth whitening kit to recommend, I considered sensitivity as a major factor behind why you would choose a teeth whitener. But I also wanted reassurance that any kit I would recommend would actually be effective for achieving significant whitening results.

Based on my criteria, I was thrilled to find a gel and LED-based teeth whitening kit that:

  • Is designed with sensitivity in mind but can be customized to favor faster whitening
  • Can be used at home and is of professional grade
  • Has a quick and convenient whitening process
  • Gives significant results in under a week

What is glowup. teeth whitening gel?

glowup kitGlowup. is a professional at-home teeth whitening kit consisting of gel-filled syringes and an LED mouthguard that is included in the price. Each kit is entirely customized to your sensitivity and other dental requirements via a quick quiz on the official website.

CEO David Tao developed the kit after facing pain and sensitivity from trying nearly every type of teeth whitening product on the market.

It isn’t just for women with sensitive teeth. There is an option to max out the strength of the tooth whitening gel if you want really quick results.

The results are significant, the makers of Glowup. claim you can see a lift in tooth shades of up to 8 shades in just 6 treatments. They recommend a daily treatment for 6 days so you could have whiter teeth in less than a week.

The process of using the kit is really straight-forward. You apply the gel to the teeth you want to whiten and then put in place the LED mouthguard. The mouthguard is battery-free and plugs into your phone with the adapter included (android or iPhone).

After 10 minutes the lights switch off automatically then you wash off the gel and admire the results.

What ingredients does it contain?

The real game-changer in this gel is the inclusion of the renowned teeth bleaching ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide in varying safe strengths based on your level of sensitivity. This is the ingredient used by pro treatments you would get from a dentist.

Glowup. also contains a selection of carefully chosen ingredients that are cruelty-free and vegan as well as 100% natural. These include:

  • pomegranate seed extract – for plaque reduction¹
  • chamomile flower – for bacteria reduction
  • aloe leaf juice – for fresh breath
  • menthol mint – for a minty fresh experience

How is glowup. different from other teeth whitening kits?

The kit you will receive is 100% personalized and customized to your needs. If you have sensitive teeth then they will include a gentler formula specifically tailored to this requirement. Or if you just want to see results fast they can include an extra-strength formulation for you.

I have seen teeth whitening kits that involve wearing uncomfortable gum shields for an hour or more. The glowup. system features an easy to use developing light on a lightweight soft rubber mouthguard that is used for just 10 minutes. Popular teeth whitening treatments like Crest 1 Hour Express 3DWhitestrips take 60 minutes by comparison.

Each syringe of teeth whitening gel is clearly marked so you don’t accidentally waste any product.

Does glowup. work?

buy glowup.The website is filled with glowing testimonials of women who have used the kit and saw amazing teeth whitening results. Here is just a few:

“Works and doesn’t hurt, really great” – Maddy

“I really like this whitening kit, it works alot better than hismile gel while not sensitive like crest whitening strips.” – Natalie

“This product is awesome! my teeth are so much whiter and I felt no pain or sensitivity” – Bernardo


There are many benefits to buying this personalized teeth whitener including:

  • Get whiter teeth without aggravating sensitivity
  • Fast results
  • Zero irritation to gums or teeth
  • Battery-free teeth whitening mouthguard light – simply plugs into your phone
  • Quick 10-minute treatment time
  • Cruelty-free and vegan formula
  • Confidence in your smile

Where to buy glowup.

The best and only place to buy glowup. teeth whitening gel is from the official website where they can take you through the quick and easy process of customizing your kit.

There are two options when it comes to buying a custom kit:

  1. Buy a personalized kit without a subscription. You can try before you decide to commit to a subscription payment
  2. Subscribe and save money (but easy to cancel by email if you get the results you want)

When you buy either option today you get the following benefits:

  • 100% customized formula to your teeth and any sensitivity you have
  • Quick order process
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Secure payment from major cards or PayPal

Click here to start the glowup. customization process