Does Botox Make You Look Weird?

botox injectionYou could be one of the many thousands of women who is considering getting Botox in order to get rid of wrinkles. Maybe you want to know a bit more about Botox and its effects before committing to the injections.

Botox is actually quite affordable for many women and lots of celebrities seem to get it done, so the incentive for you to get Botox is high.

There is an issue with this method of getting rid of wrinkles. Did you notice that some stars who get Botox look plain weird? Some can’t raise their eyebrows properly and some walk around with a frighteningly frozen  expression on their face. Who want’s to spend a lot of money only to look like a stiff mannequin at the end?

Is Botox to Blame?

It could be. When not carried out correctly, Botox can cause frozen expressions. This could be because the people who inject the Botox have put too much in or injected in the wrong area. This even happens when experienced nurses carry out the injections.

On the other hand there are many women who get Botox and don’t end up looking strange, they simply see the relaxation of lines and wrinkles that Botox is famous for.

Should you get Botox?

This is a decision only you can make by using all the information available to make an informed decision. Remember that you could end up looking “weird” after these injections. In an ideal world Botox would be side effect free but sadly it doesn’t come without risks.

What you should do before resorting to Botox is to try an alternative such as a really good anti wrinkle serum or cream. These are generally risk free and can even have the same wrinkle reducing power of Botox without the side effect profile.

Our top rated anti wrinkle cream is XYZ Smart Collagen, an effective Botox alternative that reduces wrinkles and fine lines easily and quickly by stimulating your bodies natural collagen production using all natural ingredients.

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