Disadvantages of Breast Enlargement Surgery

breast enlargement surgeryFor many ladies who have low self-confidence because of their cup size, breast implants offer an seemingly long-term solution to their issue of small breasts.

If you take into account the disadvantages of surgery, the pain during the recovery period and irreversible scars , it is probably best to  look at other options before you have surgery.

Television shows such as Extreme makeover show only the after effects of surgery, they don’t show the painful journey each participant undertakes. They only show the good side of surgery, and all the surgery is paid for so you don’t see the financial impact it has on the participants.

What are the downsides of getting breast implants?


Apart from the up front cost of breast enlargement surgery which can run into thousands, you should think of the hidden cost of recovery and days off work.

Also, breast implants have to be replaced with new ones every 10 years. Not many women factor this into their decision.

There are payment plans available, but particularly in today’s recession economy and lower  job security, it may be a source of financial stress for women not sure if they can make repayments on time.


All surgery has an inbuilt risk. With breast implants, the most commonly seen risk is implant rejection caused by your immune system treating the implant as a foreign object.

Infection are common and are often life threatening, and any  infection around the incisions means the implant must be taken out.

Some women say they get misshapen breasts and rippling which isn’t ideal if the whole reason for you getting breast implants is to get perfect looking breasts.


The recovery period is different for every woman, but you should expect to be recovering for several weeks. You may need more help than you would expect, such as needing someone to make meals for you or washing you.

The lack of independence is off-putting to many considering this surgery.

The natural breast enlargement alternative

So far the prospect of getting bigger breasts has seemed too risky to contemplate. Thankfully there is a natural way to go about it.

Total Curve is a breast enhancement cream that’s ingredients are all natural, including one known as the “elixir of youth” because of its anti-ageing, plumping and firming effect on breasts.

It doesn’t have any dangerous synthetic hormones or harmful preservatives, and is specifically tested to make sure it has no negative side effects at all.

It is possibly the most inexpensive way of achieving breast enlargement.So if you want bigger breasts within a short period of time, Total Curve is your best option.

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