How To Reduce Breast Size

reduce bra sizeSurgically reducing your breast size leaves scars, can take months to heal, and is expensive. Women with very large breasts, who suffer from back, shoulder and neck problems may need this procedure done, but for many others they have other choices.

We will go over all the methods of reducing the size of your breasts in this article.

The Surgical Way

Reduction mammoplasty is the medical term for breast reduction. This surgery removes glandular tissue, and extra breast fat. Also, to get the right breast size, skin is also removed.

If you are leaning toward breast reduction, we want to inform you of some risks, even though we know this is your personal decision. There are benefits as a result of the surgery, but there is also potential problems that you can develop. You need to decide if the risks will be worth it.

Your plastic surgeon and the assigned staff will inform you of the risks that could happen with this surgery. There are consent forms they will go over with you that will require your signature, so you know exactly what will happen during surgery, and the possible risks that could happen.

There are different places where breast reduction procedures can take place, an accredited surgical facility where the surgeon works, hospitals, and outpatient facilities.

If you experience shortness of breath, unusual heartbeats, or chest pains after surgery, immediately call your doctor. These issues may require additional care and more time spent in the hospital.

Surgery and medicine are not a guarantee. In some situations you may need further surgery.

It is vital that you follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon after surgery. You want your incisions to heal nicely, with no complications. Never use abrasion, motion, or excessive force, on incisions. You will be given specific instructions on how to care for yourself and prevent any risks.

The Natural Way

How to reduce breast size naturally? Options include creams and pills. In this section we will focus on toning your breast muscles through three ways that work like a team: diet, exercise and strength training. Since breasts are mostly composed of fat, fat can be shed and shaped. Let’s briefly talk about these three ways to tone and shape your breast muscles.

  1.  Exercise. Put together an exercise routine that makes you really sweat, and will also increase your heart rate. Next it is important that you schedule 4 – 5 days weekly to accomplish this.
  2.  Diet. Pick a diet that is full of lean meat, fresh fruit, and vegetables. It is vital to you drink 8 – 10 glasses of water every day. Keep track of the calories you are eating each day. You will notice that your breasts will start to shrink naturally when you start losing weight.
  3.  Strength Training. In addition to exercise you need to improve your muscle tone by strength training. This is key! Chest and breast muscles need to be your focus. This will reduce the size, lift and tone your breasts. Pull-ups, push-ups, and rowing exercises are great for toning breast and chest muscles

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, exercise and strength training can do only so much. So, if you decide to surgically have your breasts reduced, it is wise to lose weight before the procedure, because if you lose weight after, you may be upset with how you look.

Another natural option is a breast reduction pill like Alexia that quickly and easily helps to reduce breast tissue and fat for a natural breat reduction without surgery.

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Now you know How to reduce your breast size through surgery or naturally.

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