How Exercise Improves The Immune System

Whenever the subject of exercise and good health arises, many folks think mainly about losing weight and strengthening their cardiovascular system.

While those are certainly positive side effects of exercise, there is yet another aspect of exercise, namely that exercise improves the immune system, that everyone should consider.

Does Exercise Improve the Immune System?

Regular exercise really can bolster the immune system, and it can do so in a few key ways. So, even as you shed pounds, you can also help your body fight off sickness. The first way this happens is that exercise works to raise the temperature of the body.

Anyone who has exercised before knows that doing so makes you feel physically hot. This is because the blood rushes harder and more rapidly throughout the body.

This can replicate what happens when you have a mild fever, eradicating some germs that are attempting to establish themselves in the body.

Exercise Boosts White Blood Cells

Raising your temperature and breaking a sweat is a smart way to burn calories and eradicate bacteria. Forcing your blood to pump through the body more vigorously offers another positive.

Blood is full of white blood cells, and these are the ones that work to battle diseases that may be present.

During a workout with increased blood flow, it is easier for the white blood cells to find and attack disease within the body. This means that an issue can possibly be nipped in the bud sooner than it might otherwise have been.

exercise for immunityExercise Increases Breathing

Finding a problem at an earlier stage can help the body address the infection more efficiently. The increased rate of breathing that comes from exercise can flush bacteria from the respiratory system as well.

Normal breathing done at rest can allow bacterial to settle where they wish. But by working the lungs during cardio exercise, they have a harder time finding a home.

Easy Ways to Exercise

Though it is true that exercise is great for the immune system, you need not become obsessed with working out in order to reap the benefits.

Even a nice work or a light jog every day can bring about the positive benefits of exercise for the immune function.

There is no need to attempt a marathon, just go for a fast walk when you have the time.

The truth is that too many people overdo it when it comes to exercise, and that can harm the immune system more than it helps, so just remember that as is the case with all things, moderation is key.

Taking an Immune Support Supplement

As well as getting regular, moderate exercise you can take further steps to boost your immune system naturally. These include the daily use of a zinc-based immune support lozenge.

The lozenges by Immune Defence are clinically backed and have:

  1. Vitamins A, C, and E (the ACE vitamins)
  2. Zinc Gluconate

Proven to help with curtailing the duration and severity of the common cold and flu, these ingredients also provide a general immune system boost.

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