Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges Review – Best Immune System Booster

These days anything you can do to naturally boost your immune system will be helpful for protecting your overall health and wellbeing.

Symptoms of a lowered immune system include:

  • Frequent and recurring infections
  • Digestive problems
  • Constantly catching colds
  • Feeling tired all the time

Whether your health concerns are about warding off colds and flu or simply wanting to keep your immune system in tip-top condition, there are immune-boosting supplements out there made to do exactly that.

These zinc-based lozenges are both in my opinion and according to research the best way to boost your immune system in an easy way. With no horse pills to swallow that can be difficult to stomach, but still providing a much-needed boost.

immune defence formulaWhat is Immune Defence

Immune Defence is an all in one 100% natural immune system booster formula that contains zinc and vitamins A, C, and E (also known as the ACE vitamins) as key ingredients.

It comes in the form of an easy to use and pleasant-tasting aniseed-flavored lozenge that dissolves on your tongue and coats the back of your throat in zinc ions as it goes.

You can take Immune Defence in two ways:

  • When you want to avoid getting infections or viruses like the cold and flu. Take up to 4 lozenges a day every day.
  • When you already have an infection or virus to help reduce it’s severity and length. Take a maximum of 4 a day.

Manufactured in the UK by Swiss Research Labs who have been making high-quality health supplements for over 40 years. They may be a UK company but they offer worldwide shipping.

They are suitable for everyone aged 12+ not just adults, so you can protect your whole family with this supplement.

Does Immune Defence Work?

Immune Defence helps protect and boost your natural immune system because it contains a few key ingredients that are well researched.

Zinc Gluconate

A naturally occurring mineral that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. In studies, Zinc Gluconate in lozenge form specifically has been shown to reduce the symptom duration of the common cold.

“New research suggests that zinc helps control infections by gently tapping the brakes on the immune response in a way that prevents out-of-control inflammation”- Science Daily

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a necessity for the functioning of the immune system. It can provide defense against infectious diseases.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is perhaps the most well-known vitamin for its role in aiding the immune system among other benefits. It can reduce the frequency and duration of a common cold. But it also protects the immune system as a whole and helps the body to fight off infections.

You can get Vitamin C in your diet from fruit and veg, but it isn’t stored by your body. So supplementation is particularly important for people whose diets may be lacking in this helpful vitamin.

Vitamin E

This is a powerful antioxidant vitamin which means it slows the processes that damage cells in the body. It is also involved in regulating the immune system and is particularly helpful for warding off diseases.

Pros and Cons

immune defencePros

  • Easier to take than pills
  • High-quality ingredients in the right quantities to provide real immune support
  • Backed by clinical studies and research
  • Can safely be taken by children over 12 and adults
  • Causes no side effects when taken as advised (4 lozenges a day maximum)


  • Could be considered to be expensive (but is cheaper than competitor products)
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before taking

Where to Buy Immune Defence

satisfaction label, guarantee label, 100 satisfaction

The best place to buy Immune Dence lozenges is from the official website where you can take advantage of a full 100-day money-back guarantee as well as:

  • Discounts on multiple bottles (ideal if you want to buy enough for the whole family)
  • Fast and free shipping to most countries
  • The cheapest price without retailer markup
  • 100% genuine product (no chance of buying a fake)
  • Excellent customer service via email or phone

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Do I need a prescription to take Immune Defence?

No. Immune Defence is a prescription-free and natural immune system booster supplement that uses a blend of proven vitamins and nutrients.

Prescription based boosters like Interferon are prescribed only for clinical immune disorders and Immune Defence is not designed as a treatment for serious disorders like cancer or HIV.

Can stress and anxiety weaken the immune system?

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety can lead to a weakened immune system, particularly when it is chronic.

Have you noticed feeling run down and tired when you are stressed? Immune Defence is designed to protect your immune system during times of stress.

How long does it take to work?

The fast-acting results are most apparent when taking these zinc-based lozenges for a cold. With studies showing the duration of symptoms of a cold being reduced by approximately 50% when Zinc is taken.