Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System For Stronger Immunity

Health is wealth, as they say. That’s a powerful statement we all look forward to achieving every single day. Especially today, where deadly global pandemics have circulated – targeting the health and lives of people as well as the world’s economy – you have to boost your immune system to stay healthy and strong.

low immune systemIt all starts with what you eat and what you do.

Colds and flu are just some of the minor illnesses around that can be readily caught. People who frequent public places like gyms, children who attend public schools, or anyone taking part in social-based community activities are exposed to a variety of different viruses and bacteria.

Any kind of exposure has the potential of leading to some type of illness. This includes simply stepping outside of your home. this doesn’t mean that you will have to avoid all these situations in order to stay healthy.

There are many ways to protect yourself from the number of illnesses going around while living an active lifestyle.

A key factor is to have a strong immune system that can ward off the most common viruses and bacteria.

Try these natural ways to boost your immune system and see the results for yourself.

Get a Daily Dose of Vitamins

One natural way to get vitamins your body essentially needs and is known to boost immunity system is through natural light. It’s your great source of Vitamin D.

Perhaps your parents always encouraged you when you were younger to go out and let the sun’s natural light absorb within your skin. It is a major contributor to Vitamin D’s production in the human body.

Vitamin D helps to produce antibodies; thus, it promotes the healthy functioning of your immune system. So, have a brisk walk in the sunlight for ten to fifteen minutes. Ensure not to overdo it. Otherwise, it could lead to sunburn.

Take an Immune Support Supplement

immune defence formulaImmune Defence is a high-quality immune system booster supplement that has Zinc and the ACE vitamins as it’s key ingredients. It comes in dissolvable lozenge form that coats the back of your throat with Zinc ions for targetted protection.

Together these ingredients help your body to naturally:

  • Fight off infections and viruses like the common cold and flu
  • Reduce the duration of illnesses significantly
  • Protect your immune system from the risks of everyday exposure to viruses and infections

There is a wealth of research behind this supplement to prove that it works and is safe to take.

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Use Essential Oilsessential oils for immune support

On the other hand, some wellness professionals believe that certain essential oils can support the immune system. Essential oils are not something you readily think about when looking to boost your immune system, however, it has been found that our bodies react favorably to the use of quality essential oils.

The aroma of essential oils stimulates the senses which in turn causes reactions in the body that directly affect the immune system.

Oregano, lavender, peppermint oils, and lemon offer relief. Thieves oil could also be wonderful in an ingestible vinegar mixture or a homemade tea.

Though, it’s always important to consult your doctor before adding oils into your regular diet to avoid potential side effects.

Exercise for an Immune System Boost

Only moderate-intensity exercises are needed. It is not suggested to perform too intense workouts, especially if you are feeling under the weather. Mainly because it will only lower your immunity and have an alternate effect, combine sufficient exercise and movement with improved moods, weight management, and cardiovascular health.

There are various forms of exercises for you to try. It doesn’t just revolve going to a gym or using gym equipment.

You can perform yoga, dance, run, or a simple walk in your neighborhood. As long as it involves the movement of your body and something that you prefer doing that can be part of your daily routine.

Engage in any of these activities in as little as thirty minutes to help stimulate your immune system. Besides keeping your immunity in top condition, they also help you avoid the possibility of getting an airborne illness through flushing the bacteria out of your lungs when you are breathing hard.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Healthy immune system warriors crucially need regular, good nutrition. Though, what defines a healthy diet?

healthy diet for immune systemIt is a set of food consisting of lots of fresh vegetables and fruits with less consumption of processed foods.

  • Vitamin A (dark green leafy veggies, cod liver oil, eggs) supports the immune system’s normal functioning
  • Vitamin B6 (tuna, salmon, oatmeal, potatoes, bananas, brown rice, turkey)
  • Vitamin C (bell peppers, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, pineapples, papaya) supports cellular functions highly needed by your immune system
  • Vitamin E (avocado, spinach, squash, nuts, cooking oils such as canola)
  • Zinc (chickpeas, sunflower seeds, red meat, eggs, seafood, pumpkin, tofu, lentils) contributes to the immune system’s normal function.

Eat a combination of these foods to fight illnesses and boost your immunity, instead of easy-to-cook or ready-made packs. Increase your intake of protein and probiotics too, including yogurt, milk, and cheese.

If you already have a healthy diet in place, consider adding or increasing certain nutritious foods known as ‘superfoods’. The best way to do this is to include some superfoods into your breakfast or lunch meals or replace one of these meals with a superfood smoothie or juice.

Smoothies and freshly juiced superfoods are loaded with nutrients that will supercharge your immune system and keep your body properly hydrated.

Try Chiropractic Care

Perfect body alignment is vital for a healthy immune system. If you are experiencing chronic aches and pains, cramps, or joint stiffness, your immune system is most likely being overworked.

Your body may be trying to counteract a problem that could lead to further issues. A chiropractor can help to restore good body alignment and reduce any joint or inflammation issues you may have.

Reduce Stress Levels

reduce stressSome issues are out of your control (whether personal, financial, or other matters) which cause you to stress out and eventually, lower your immune system. The connection between your mental health and immunity is so strong.

According to experts, the human body emits stress hormones when under anxiety or chronic stress. These hormones will then inhibit your immune system.

Sure, you cannot avoid stress in life. But fortunately, there are various helpful strategies you can start adopting now to help manage it better. Why not execute mindfulness meditation or yoga? Otherwise, a daily exercise routine is ideal too.

It would help if you surround yourself with positive thoughts. Seek someone’s help if you think your anxiety or stress is slowly killing your mental health. Talking with your family or friends also proves to be helpful.

Simple activities like journaling, drawing, and playing your favorite sports could aid in reducing stress as well. Spend a few minutes to do at least one stress-reducing activity regularly.

Consider a Colon Cleanse

When your digestive system is not in optimal condition you may end up having problems with your immune system. The more sluggish the performance of your digestive system, liver, and colon, the more likely it is that your body will build up toxins.

Harmful toxins in the body can cause minor problems like fatigue or major problems that could lead to gut-related issues like leaky gut syndrome.

To boost your immune system and avoid the abovementioned problems, consider having a colon cleanse at least once a month.

A colon cleanse can be as simple as drinking superfood-based juices for a short period of time to help flush out any toxins and deliver a powerful punch of essential vitamin and mineral enriched nutrients at the same time.

You don’t need to buy an expensive product that claims to cleanse the colon for you.

Other Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Get quality sleep
  • Keep hydrated
  • Practice moderation when consuming alcohol
  • Implement good hygiene practices
  • Take an immune-boosting supplement

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As you see, there are several natural ways to reinforce your immune system. You can start by working out regularly, keeping stress under control, and eating healthy foods. Just be consistent, and in no time, you will witness the change in the strength of your body to fight illness.

By introducing some of these methods into your lifestyle and putting them into action, you will strengthen your immune system to help it fight off many of the infectious diseases you encounter in your everyday environment.

By combining a few of these methods you can increase your potential of building a healthy and strong immune system. Keep in mind that these practices should be combined with maintaining a healthy diet and good hygiene in order to enhance its effectiveness.