How To Cure Your Snoring Problems Naturally Without Drugs

A person snoring might be subject to jokes from partners and family, but it is anything but a joke! Snoring can be dangerous. It can lead to heart disease¹ in severe cases because your breathing is disrupted for short times while you’re asleep.

It could even ruin your marriage because you keep your spouse or partner awake all night.

Pharmacies sell drugs to “cure snoring” but why take drugs with bad side effects when you can cure yourself, the natural and safe way?

Below are a few tips you can follow to cure your snoring problems naturally.snoring cure

  1. Change the position in which you sleep: Sleeping on your side can help prevent snoring. When you sleep on your back, your tongue collapses to the back of your throat creating vibrations that lead to snoring. Thus, sleeping on your side can be a natural cure.
  2. Lose weight: Thin people snore as well. That said, if you’ve gained some pounds and you never snored before you gained the weight, it can be the reason for your snoring. The reason being, gaining weight in your neck region causes your collapse of the internal diameter of your throat, causing snoring. So it is a good idea to start shedding those extra pounds.
  3. Avoid Alcohol and sedatives: Sedatives and alcohol reduce your muscle tone in your throat. Consuming alcohol a few hours before you go to bed will make you snore in the night even if you never have a snoring problem usually.
  4. Avoid poor sleep habits: Going to sleep late due to odd work hours means that when you finally hit bed, you sleep hard since you are overly tired, your throat muscles tend to become floppy and you snore. So, if you can, go to sleep at a reasonable and regular time every night.
  5. Clear your nasal passages: You might be snoring because your nose could be blocked due to a bad cold. And since air moves fast into your nose when you breathe, it causes snoring. Clearing your nose before you sleep is a great way to make sure you can sleep snore-free.
  6. Change your pillow covers and sheets: Dust can be a factor in snoring as you can develop allergies which induce snoring. Change your pillow covers and sheets regularly.
  7. Drink a lot of water: The secretions in your nose become sticky if you aren’t well hydrated, thus causing snoring. Make sure you stay hydrated when you go to bed.

The very best thing you can do to permanently cure snoring is to use a mouthguard like AirSnore which not only instantly positions your jaw so that snoring is practically impossible, it helps you breathe more freely so can be used for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea.

It is entirely molded to your mouth so it will not cause the discomfort associated with other anti-snoring devices that you wear inside your mouth. So it is both comfortable to wear all night long and effective for preventing snoring.

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