Snoring Surgery: Cost, Risks and Alternatives

Snoring can be treated and maybe even cured in a a number of ways. One drastic solution to this problem is snoring surgery. This is usually only carried out where other methods have failed due to the risks involved.

Just as there are many treatments for snoring, there are many options for surgical treatment. They vary in how invasive they are, how much they cost and difficulty of recovery.

For simplicity I have displayed costs in US Dollars.

Somnoplasty for Stopping Snoring

This procedure is often chosen because it isn’t as invasive as some other surgical treatments. It is carried out as an outpatient procedure, and involves thermal energy being used to reduce and stiffen the soft tissue that can obstruct or vibrate in your upper airway.

Average cost is $2,000.

Scientists believe that it is these vibrations that cause us to snore. It follows that if you reduce those vibrations then snoring will reduce in turn. Somnoplasty isn’t particularly painful but is perhaps not as effective as other surgery because it tends to only minimize the severity and frequency of snoring rather than act as a cure.

UPPP to Cure Snoring

If you have sleep apnea or other health risks that are more serious than a simple case of snoring, then you may be put forward for a treatment called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, more commonly known as UPPP.

snoring surgeryThis surgery involves a surgeon removing obstructions and optionally tonsils and adenoids in order to open up the airway. It is worth noting that this is major surgery carried out under general anesthetic (which has it’s own risks) and is not to be taken lightly.

Average cost is $2,200.

When polled, around 60% of people who had this surgery said they would go through it again, meaning 40% regretted their decision. This might be down to the painful three week recovery period where swallowing is very uncomfortable

In addition to the risks, the procedure is not very successful. In fact, many people who have undergone this surgery end up snoring again afterwards. You would think such an invasive and painful surgery would have a good payoff in the end.

Nasal Reconstructive Surgery for Snoring

More invasive yet is a total reconstruction of the bones and soft tissue in your nasal cavity, again carried out under general anesthetic. The aim is to improve your air intake and as a result, snoring should in theory be cured.

Average cost varies case by case but expect to pay upwards of is $2,500.

The recovery time is long, and it can be difficult to breathe during this time. The risks are high, and the risks of using anesthetic include everything from severe allergic reaction to death.

Non Surgical Methods to Stop Snoring

Why take the risks and costs of surgical options on board when you haven’t discovered a non surgical solution that really works to stop snoring for good?

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