Which Methods Work for Fast Wart Removal?

When it comes to fast wart removal, which methods work, and which are bad or downright ugly? You need to use extra caution when deciding how to get rid of any wart on your body. Take some time to read about the effectiveness of different methods. Then you’ll be able to successfully remove the obnoxious wart on the very first try!

removal of warts

Employ the Help of Your  Doctor

One of the most widely prescribed treatments for warts from a doctor is a chemical agent called Cantharidin. It’s a pretty reliable treatment for fast wart removal. However, the price of it makes it rather unkind to the wallet. It can cost around $500 per wart!

Also look out for dubious treatment from the doctor’s Office. Not all prescribed treatments from a doctor have a high success rate.

Retinoid creams are often prescribed, but they’re not even actually made for treating warts. In reality, the purpose of retinoid cream is to fix the problems of aging skin and acne. So no one really knows for sure whether it can even do anything to help in an ugly wart situation.

Bear the Pain of Cryotherapy Treatment

Another routine way doctors like to treat warts is to use cryotherapy to freeze it off. This treatment method is time-consuming, because it usually takes several treatments to see if it will even work. And it’s definitely not suitable for anyone intolerant of pain.

Burn It Off Yourself

If you’re feeling desperate enough about your wart situation, you might be tempted to try to burn if off yourself by lighting up a match. Whatever you do, don’t do this! This is the ugliest method of them all. Not only does it not work for fast wart removal, but it’s absolutely dangerous to even try it.

Try the Green Method

For those looking for a greener method of removing warts, tea tree oil might seem like a good idea. Some people apply tea tree oil once a day. Too bad it doesn’t always work! And even if it was to work for you, it would have to take three long weeks or more.

Use What You Already Have at Home

Trying to keep it simple? Then the idea of dabbing on toothpaste and sealing it with a band-aid might appeal to you. Unfortunately, it’s not really going to do anything to the wart. So you’d be better off with something else, possibly a product that is designed for the purpose of getting rid of warts quickly.

Use a Wart Removal Product

So we have covered lots of different and common methods used to attempt fast wart removal, but they all have one thing in common. They don’t work very well. Some are painful, others are expensive and some are even dangerous.

What you need is a proven wart removal product that works in one application to quickly and easily get rid of warts without costing a fortune or causing pain. That product is called Wartrol, a  clinically proven product with FDA approved ingredients that actually works for wart removal without exposing you to harmful chemicals.

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