Anxiety Habits to Avoid to Overcome Anxiety

We all have anxiety habits that can cause nervousness and anxiousness. You might think you aren’t in control of your anxiety, but I am here to give you back control over the habits that are making your anxiety worse.

There are negative things we should avoid doing in order to overcome anxiety, some of those habits include:

Drinking lots of coffee

Most people reach for the coffee cup each morning to wake them up and give them energy, and I admit I’m one of those people. It is very easy to drink too much coffee, over two regular cups a day is considered a bit too much. I suppose this is because of the demands of modern life.

We all know that coffee contains caffeine. It is great for keeping you awake and alert but it also causes your “fight or flight” response to activate even when you aren’t in a dangerous situation. The knock on effects of this are:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of focus
  • Heart racing

Strangely enough, these are symptoms associated with anxiety too. You can see it is really important not to drink too much caffeinated drinks if you want to avoid feeling anxious.

Ignoring clutter

anxiety habitsStudies found that people with tidy work spaces and homes were more productive than people who ignored the clutter around them.

They say that a tidy home causes a tidy mind. While cliched somewhat, there is truth in this saying. Clutter and unclean surfaces can contribute to anxiety, even if you don’t notice it is affecting you.

Take control over your anxiety by cleaning up the clutter.

Eating junk foods

There are advantages of eating junk food. They are simple and easy to prepare and you can even order in and not have to cook. Unfortunately that is where the benefits end and the disadvantages begin.

The ingredients contained in typical junk food can negatively impact your mood and make you feel jittery and agitated. Those ingredients include:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Saturated fat
  • Simple carbs (worse for you than complex carbs)

You get a blood sugar level spike when you eat junk food which can cause you to feel good for a very short period of time before you get a “sugar slump” and end up feeling tired and anxious, and even hungry even though you have just eaten.

Skipping meals and starvation

With our busy lives these days it can be tempting to fall into the anxiety habit of not eating. It is made doubly as tempting because we often get upset stomachs or don’t feel hungry when we are chronically anxious.

This causes your blood glucose levels to plummet, leaving you irritable and anxious. You need to eat both for maintaining your energy levels but also for your mental health.

Eating too much

Some people don’t eat when anxious and some people overeat. It is one of those negative anxiety habits that is caused by emotional overeating. This can be equally bad for you as high levels of glucose in your bloodstream leads to irritability and more anxiety too!

The answer is to eat sensibly. This is an ideal way to take control over your anxiety and balance your mood as well.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Getting rid of bad anxiety habits is step one on your journey to overcoming anxiety for good. No matter if you have a diagnosis or not, there are ways to challenge your anxious thoughts and feelings using self help.

The downloadable book “Panic Miracle” isn’t just about avoiding panic attacks, it is also about overcoming anxiety in a natural and easy to follow way. It is a drug free method of beating anxiety that is suitable for even the most severe cases.

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