Depression and Diet: Foods to Avoid That Cause Depression

There are so many factors that can cause depression, from death of a loved one to work stress and even the weather. The depression and diet link is not as well known. There have been studies about foods to avoid that cause depression.

The following three foods are examples of foods to avoid that can contribute to depression.

Food Coloring

This is a little known factor for causing depression. Although scientists are divided over whether there is a direct link between food coloring and depression, some studies have shown a clear link.

You may think natural dyes and colors are “safe” and wouldn’t be a factor but both natural and artificial colors have been shown to cause tiredness, sluggish circulation and emotional problems.

The link between food coloring and attention related disorders like ADD is well established. In my opinion they should do more research into depression and diet so we know for sure what to avoid.

How do you avoid dyes and colors? By eating more unprocessed foods. The Paleo diet is an example of one which tends to advocate avoiding processed foods, but some find it too extreme.

Sugary Food

foods to avoid that cause depressionEating sugary foods is a recipe for disaster for those who are prone to or are at risk of depression. This is because of the way sugar has an effect on your body when you consume it.

At first you will get an energy spike but once that fades you will be left feeling tired and sluggish. This can leave you feeling depressed and not wanting to go out or do anything productive.

In the long term you will find yourself craving sugar for the energy spikes, but you will have to deal with the depressive crash afterwards. And sugar is insidious, with even unlikely foods having some sugar content.

Research has shown that the natural sugars in fruit are less likely to cause spikes and slumps than those in candy bars, for example.

Vitamins and Mineral Lacking Foods

Perhaps the most important food to avoid that causes depression is food that is low in essential vitamins and minerals. Most of us have a poor diet without realizing it: eating stodgy refined carbs that may fill us up but they don’t have the essential vitamins and minerals you need to ward off depression and keep your brain healthy.

To get the vitamins and nutrients you need to help prevent depression you should aim to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. The usual dietary advice applies here, but sometimes it’s the basics that we neglect.

Try a fruit and veg smoothie every day to get a good mixture of minerals and nutrients.

How to Treat Depression Easily

For the majority of cases of depression, the advice and tips contained in the Destroy Depression system will work for a long term approach to managing and treating your depression. The aim is to not only stop this depressive episode in it’s tracks, but to prevent future episodes as well.

Info includes what to eat and a more in depth account of what to avoid eating. Exactly what exercise to do to flood your brain with happy chemicals, how to balance hormones that may be causing your depression and much more.

It uses a CBT based approach to curing depression, which you can use in the privacy of your home without having to share your darkest thoughts with a therapist.

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