How To Get Pregnant Easily and Fast

I think we all know how the fundamental process of getting pregnant happens, so there is no need for a biology lesson. In an ideal world, sex leads to conception which leads to a healthy baby popping out 9 months later. The thing is, for most women it isn’t as simple as this. There are many things that get in the way of conception.

In this guide we will look at a few ways to enhance the probability of getting pregnant quickly and easily.

fertility thermometerFertility Charts

It can be frustrating when you see other women getting pregnant without trying whilst it isn’t happening for you after months or even years of trying. All women are different, with their reproductive cycles varying. Some women’s cycle can be very consistent from month to month, and others can be off kilter.

The best way to monitor your reproductive cycle and therefore determine when you are at your most fertile is by keeping a fertility chart. You use this to jot down things like your body temperature and consistency of vaginal discharge at certain points of the month.

Sometimes it is all a matter of getting the right timing when it comes to conceiving, and keeping a fertility chart will help you to determine the best time to try for a child.

Seeing a Specialist

infertility specialist

After using a fertility chart for at least 6 months, you would be best to try seeing a reproductive specialist in order to find out if there are infertility problems underlying that are preventing you from getting pregnant easily.

Put things into perspective, only 25% of couples manage to get pregnant within the first cycle of trying, and 90% manage within 18 months. So do not lose hope.

With the help of a specialist you can address any fertility issues you may have and therefore will hopefully significantly increase your chances of conceiving quickly.


You may be wondering if there is one right position that will increase your chances of conceiving. Nobody is entirely sure, but scientists think the missionary position is the best bet because it allows deeper penetration.

You can enhance this positions chances further by putting a pillow under your bottom for 30 minutes after ejaculation to allow gravity to encourage the sperm to reach your egg.

Most sperm do die before reaching the egg, it is all about making the chances of those few dozen that do make it greater.

Pregnancy Testing

pregnancy test

One of the major parts of trying to conceive is the regular pregnancy testing. You want to make sure you are doing it at the right time so you don’t get false positives or negatives.

They are highly accurate around a week to ten days after ovulation. It is at this point where a possible implanted egg would begin creating hormones. These hormones can then be tested in your urine stream.

What Else Can I Do?

There is an all natural method that helps 98% of couples get pregnant within 2-4 months, that method is contained in a downloadable eBook called Pregnancy Miracle.

As well as well researched tips, it includes a 5 step straight to the point plan you should follow in order to conceive within 2-4 months.

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