Improve Female Fertility Naturally

increase fertilityIt is more common these days for women to put off having children until they have achieved success in their career. Due to women wanting to become pregnant later in life and due to many other factors women are finding conceiving becomes more and more difficult.  There are ways to boost your fertility no matter what your age. Here are some tips to increase your fertility naturally:

  • Stop smoking – We all know that you shouldn’t smoke during pregnancy but a little known fact is that it lowers your chances of conception too. The Journal of Fertility and Sterility stated that male sperm counts were 17% lower when they smoked. Smoking affects women directly too, a Polish study stated that there was an increase in time to conception for women who smoke. In a study published in Human Reproduction, the researchers discovered that second-hand smoke also reduces conception chances. So that’s a good excuse to get your partner to stop smoking too. Why not quite together?
  • Stop Stressing¬† – There is a definite link between infertility and stress. Anecdotal evidence exists that tells us when women stop stressing out about conceiving they find it happens naturally quite quickly.
  • Eat Well – Poor nutrition has a negative impact on fertility. In a study published in OBGYN News, researchers discovered that 79% of the couples in the study who could not conceive were not getting enough antioxidants in their diet.
  • Lose Weight – This particularly applies to women who have PCOS who will find that losing just 5% of their body weight can cause ovulation to be more regular and therefore aids in becoming pregnant. It also applies to people who do not have this issue, losing even a little weight can improve your chances of conceiving.
  • Avoid Certain Foods – There are three types of foods to avoid: caffeine ,alcohol and xenoestrogens. You have probably heard that the first two can reduce pregnancy chances, but may not have heard of the third. Xenoestrogens are found in pesticides and mimic estrogenic effects in the body which can lead to problems with fertility. Buying organic fruit and vegetables can help avoid these.
  • Get Plenty Of Sleep – Scientists think that Leptin, a hormone responsible for appetite, also plays a part in regulating fertility.You may find your periods are irregular when you don’t get enough sleep over a long period of time.
  • Keep a Fertility Chart – Ideally you would ovulate on day 14 of your menstrual cycle every month but for most women this isn’t true, the day varies from month to month. YOu can keep track of fertile days by taking your temperature and observing cervical mucus and recording these factors on a fertility chart.
  • Use Acupuncture – Acupuncture is one technique that isn’t invasive, and has been shown to provide a small increase in fertility for both men and women.

These tips can give you a better chance of conceiving naturally, but if you really want to significantly increase your chance of conception without drugs or IVF you need to read an eBook called Pregnancy Miracle. The crux of the book is a 5 step holistic and natural process that has helped 98% of the women who use it to achieve success in getting pregnant.

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