Natural Cures for Yeast Infections

Candida Albicans is the fungus which causes yeast infections. It is normally present in the vagina in small amounts, but an overgrowth of Candida leads to an infection.

Lots of things can cause a yeast infection including overuse of antibiotics and diabetes.

Treatment Options

You can get prescription and over the counter medications to combat these infections, but they only treat the symptoms and not the underlying Candida infection, which means you could get recurring infections.

The two main types of treatment are through oral medication and topical treatments like pessaries and creams. Cures are also either man made or natural, and many people prefer to take a natural approach to treating them.

The following list contains all natural ways to treat yeast infections, and we save the best way for treating recurring infections until last. So read on if you want to treat a yeast infection the natural way.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is used in loads of herbal remedies because it has powerful anti-fungal properties. To use this put a few drops of tea tree oil onto a tampon and insert it for half an hour, morning and night for a few days.


Garlic is used because of its antibacterial properties, but there is a problem with this method. It may cause a stinging and burning sensation. To use this method mash a few garlic pods into a paste and insert vaginally for half an hour. Repeat until the infection is gone.


Yogurt has a high concentration of probiotics (more on them later!) which aid the body in fighting off fungal infections naturally. It is not known to cause any burning or stinging because it is so gentle. Insert a tampon coated in yogurt every day until the infection clears.


Honey has been used in traditional remedies for treating wounds because of its healing properties. Apply honey to the vagina and leave it for half an hour. Afterwards, wash with warm water and you should be some form of relief even if it doesn’t clear the infection.

The best natural cure

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