Treating a Yeast Infection During Your Period

OK so yeast infections aren’t the most pleasant topic to discuss at the best of times, but the thought of asking a friend what to do about a yeast infection during your period may be even more embarrassing to think of.

Well, that’s what the Internet is here for, to answer your sometimes embarrassing questions in complete confidence, so let’s get down to answering the question on your mind:

yeast infection painHow do I treat a yeast infection during my period?

You can use just about any yeast infection cream on the market during your period, but you may not want to because it could get a little messy to put it nicely. Still, there is no reason to put off treating a yeast infection until after your period as the sooner it’s treated the sooner you can go on with your life without discomfort.

If the thought of using a cream or suppository during your period is off-putting to you, which not consider tackling your infection from another angle.

Yeast Infection No More is an eBook with 150 pages full of information on how to fight off Candida from the body, the fungus that causes yeast infections. It details exactly how to treat yeast infections in the long-term naturally and holistically with no messy creams or suppositories involved.

Not only does the advice work fast to fight off your current yeast infection, it is also a long-term solution to recurring yeast infections. After all, evidence shows once you have had one infection you are extremely likely to get another one.

To find out more about the non messy treatment for yeast infections you can use during your period:

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