Do Fat Binders Work? – Scientific Proof and Testimonials

fat blocker pillsFat binders are a great way to lose excess weight if you pick the right one. They work by preventing some of the fat you eat from being absorbed and digested inside your body.

That is the short version of how they work, but do they actually work?

Is there any scientific or clinical proof behind the claims made by fat binder brands including XLS Medical, Alli, Proactol XS, and Orlistat?

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Scientific Evidence

Some fat binders undergo clinical trials in order to ascertain whether they work or not. One example is the vegan and natural Chitosan found in Proactol XS.

This natural version of the ingredient has an advantage when compared to Chitosan from shellfish. Some people are allergic to shellfish, some are vegan or vegetarian. So they couldn’t take a marine-derived Chitosan supplement.

But you aren’t losing out by taking natural Chitosan in a fat binder supplement. On the contrary.

In studies, this type of Chitosan proved that it can give you a smaller waist circumference when used regularly like the overweight participants in this trial did.

Litramine is another fat binding ingredient found in XLS Medical which has been studied for efficacy and safety. It claims to help you lose 3 times more fat than with dieting alone.

Scientific evidence is a must-have for any good fat binder so that you can be sure it really does work for weight loss and isn’t just another scam.

Doctor endorsement is always a good sign as well. Orlistat is doctor endorsed (although I wouldn’t recommend it because of potential embarrassing side effects).


Positive testimonials are a good sign that a fat binder is going to work. Proactol XS has lots of good customer reviews.

“This works wonderfully have been taking it for about 6 weeks and I have been seeing good results.”

“Really do work, don’t know how they do it but they just melt away fat! Amazing!

The consumer reviews I found on the internet also include a testimonial from a woman who lost a whopping 74 pounds when she took Proactol XS. This show even if you have a large amount of weight to lose, Proactol XS will help.

What is the best fat binder?

You can probably tell from the article so far that I think Proactol XS stands out as the best fat binder you can buy, thanks to scientific backing and positive customer feedback.

Containing an all-natural non-shellfish and vegan Chitosan ingredient, it is thought to be side effect free. This is refreshing to see from a fat binder because usually, they come with nasty side effects like oily stools and flatulence.

You can take advantage of special offers and discounts if you have a lot of weight to lose because they offer limited-time discounts on multiple bottles and even free bottles of Proactol XS for certain packages.

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