Are Fat Blockers Bad For You?

fat blockersWhen researching diet pills like fat blockers, it is important to understand any safety issues you could be putting yourself  at risk of. Fat blockers are a type of diet pill that stop absorption of some of the fat you eat, and generally they have a good side effect profile and very few bad side effects.

The problem is there are two types of fat blocker: natural and synthetic. One is better than the other in terms of health risks.

When Fat Blockers Turn Bad

You could run into health problems with fat blockers if they are synthetic. It sounds counterintuitive but prescribed fat blockers like Xenical can actually have much worse side effects than all natural fat binders like Proactol.

Alli is a prescription fat blocker that became available over the counter and contains the same ingredient as Xenical. It was taken off the market for a while due to concerns that it could cause liver damage. Although it has now been reintroduced into the market, there are still fears that it can cause liver and kidney damage and even organ failure.

On the less severe end of the side effect scale, people who took Orlistat (the key ingredient in Xenical and Alli) complained of oily stools, gas and bloating.

When Fat Blockers Are Good for You

The other type of fat blocker is the all natural fat binder, often containing a cactus extract that gives it its fat blocking ability. These are much better for your health in terms of side effects, and some even boast that they are side effect free.

Proactol is our top rated fat blocker because the results of three clinical trials showed it was free from negative side effects. The only side effect seen was safe and sometimes significant weight loss results.

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To summarise, fat blockers can be bad for you if you choose the wrong one. If you choose a side effect free, all natural fat blocker like Proactol you will not be putting your health at risk and instead could improve your health by getting the benefits of a healthy rate of weight loss.

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